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Best Results are achieved when we have help from a Personal Trainer because you receive a full and undivided attention to the matters that are specifically yours. Unlike most personal trainers who will spend time with you but most of the times would use the same exercises that they use themselves or prescribe for everyone else, We really concentrate on your personal abilities, needs, limitations, preferences and results of comprehensive state of the art evaluations. You will reach your desired goals faster and maintain them longer in a fun, safe and no pressure or attitude environment. Your evaluation will start with consultation with one of our Physicians, your goals and needs assessment, comprehensive physical, Body composition analysis using bio impedance scale, comprehensive lab work, FMS (Functional Movement Screening) to evaluate your Flexibility, Stability and Asymmetries, Before and After photos will be included. Based on initial evaluation we will recommend a customized program for you and then work on it’s implementation. You will have your weekly and monthly reassessments to make sure that we are on track towards achieving set goals. Call us to schedule your consultation, but please make sure to bring the person who is involved in your decision making along with you for the consultation. We find that you will have better success when you have all the support from your loved ones. We highly recommend personal training for at least first three months for those who are just starting out with us and who might not have done any exercises for a while. This way we will make sure that you avoid any unnecessary injury, learn the proper form, get your strength and stamina up at the pace that you can handle without going into over-training and get ready for the next level. Once we see that you are ready then we will progress you up to the next level and perhaps even join our semiprivate class. Private training can be done anywhere between 1 to 5 times a week depending on your skill, needs, budget and availability.

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