Weight Management
  • Are you frustrated with not being able to achieve you weight goals despite of doing everything you can? Do you miss those good old days when you can eat anything you want and still stay in shape, have energy and feel like nothing can affect you?

  • Ae you frustrated with everyone trying to give you their advice or slew of information you see online, in magazines and books?

  • Would you like to know why this happens and how you can fight and win the battle of the bulge?

  • Do you know what is keeping you from reaching your goals and why they are still remaining just an elusive dream?

Nutritional Status Assessment

In order to figure out your individual needs, you need to obtain a comprehensive assessment of your habits, digestion, absorption, elimination, deficiencies, toxicities, allergies, abilities to stick to a particular plan.


Not another DIET….

Yes, we all know the expression “you are what you eat” and that everybody has their own version of healthy diet and the fact that it might work for a little while helping us loose some weight just to regain the same or add more weight once we get off that particular diet…

Are you tired of searching for the answer and hoping for a miracle pill that will solve all you problems?

Well, I have news for you; one cannot treat everybody using the same cookie cut diet or latest gimmick pill. The approach has to be individual based on specific scientific assessments, time, budget and client’s abilities and needs.

What good would a diet do for you if you can’t follow the instructions because the instructions did not take into consideration you time, budget, education, lifestyle even if it was designed by the best nutritionist in the world?

A lot of people lose weight but do you know what you are actually losing?
Is it water, muscle or fat?

Nutrition is not important only for weight loss but also for proper function of all our bodily systems. Do you know how the foods and beverages that you consume on daily basis affect your wellbeing, and that the choices you make everyday can lead to diseases and cancers.

If you are interested in finding out what we will work for you personally then schedule an appointment with our representative.

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