Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Program Design

What is FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients and athletes. The screen is comprised of seven fundamental movement patterns that require a balance of mobility and stability and place the individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable.


  • A consistent and reliable testing method

  • Easily identifies movement limitations and dysfunction

  • Improves efficiency, durability, and performance

  • Provides an enhanced foundation for exercise and performance programming

Get Moving Right now!

You don’t have to be an athlete to suffer the aches and pains of age and activity, so turn back the clock on wear and tear with the Functional Movement Screen today. It...

  • Tests seven basic movement patterns

  • Takes less than ten minutes,

  • Identifies weaknesses & asymmetries that increase chances of injury

  • Provides FMS experts with the information they need to customize workouts that strengthen you,

  • Tracks your progress, and

  • Gets you moving right!

The Functional Movement Screen is good for your bottom line both on the field and in business. It’s been shown to reduce both risk factors for injuries and costs associated with injuries when they happen. That’s why highly Trained teams from the Navy Seals to the New York Giants are using the FMS.

Enhanced Personalized Online Training

What is ptEnhance?

A cutting edge personalized web space, with all of your programs, results, questionnaires and training information available at the touch of a button, including:

  • World leading video library to review your exercise program

  • Printable color stills and exercise instructions

  • Carefree communication online

  • Online booking options

  • Monthly newsletters in areas of Interest

  • Weekly motivation specific to your goals

ptEnhance Will:

  • Maximise your results, minimise your effort and maintain your success long term.

  • Provide you with the support and education you need, anywhere, anytime.

  • Give you the sort of service quality never before seen in the industry


Because I would like to give you the sort of Personal Training experience that will shift your perspective on what service quality means.

Because all of your education, programming, questionnaires and results are brought to life, and backed by regular motivation so your road to success is clearly paved.

Because it's important to maximize the investment you're making in yourself by utilizing systems that can triple your knowledge, significantly enhance your learning and give you the quality support necessary for long term success.

To get started, just ask me to send you an invite or contact me to learn more!

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