Everybody knows that fitness is very important for our well-being. However, not many know what would work best for them at any given time. What exercise would be appropriate for them depending on what else is happening in their life. It’s not easy to manage your life, job/work, family, nutrition, exercise and all other great things that you set out to achieve.

Undertraining and Overtraining can be just as detrimental to our health and vitality. We use comprehensive assessment and intervention approach to help you figure out what are the missing ingredients or blocks on your pathway to achieving your desired goals. Your Fitness Progress is addressed by a team of Integrative Medical Physicians, Trainers, Life Style Coaches and Nutritionists.

Unlike many fitness centers who focus on working you out with no pain no gain attitude, we provide the most comprehensive evaluations to assess your personal issues, needs and goals then create customized programs to help you achieve your dreams. Everyone needs a coach who can look after your needs, keep you accountable, motivated and provide appropriate feedback. Now imagine this coach uses knowledge derived from conventional, integrative and sports medicine, functional fitness, kinesiology, MMA, works with elite athletes in all major sports and continually educates him/herself on what works the best. Schedule your appointment to figure out what is your sticking point holding you back from achieving the dreams of your life.

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