Facials And Peels

*All procedures performed by licenced physicians

Celebrity Signature Facial (75mins)

This is a personalized to your skin and body type treatment using organic products from Europe. Upon completion of the treatment you will feel like a celebrity and will certainly want to come back for more.

Sensitive Skin Facial (75mins)

This a similar to Celebrity Signature Facial but customized specifically for sensitive skin of those clients who suffered from Rosacea type skin problems.

Celebrity Teen Facial (45mins)

This facial is designed specifically for adolescent skin issues induced by hormonal changes. It will leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

Celebrity RF Lifting Facial

Celebrity RF Lifting Facial is a 1 hour procedure involving the use of RF (Radiofrequency) along with customized to your skin facial using the best European line of skin care containing only all natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin via proprietary Diadermic Method. The customization of the treatment is done thru assessment of your skin via Reveal Advanced Imaging system and a set of questionnaires. The RF treatment allows to tighten up the loose or lax skin thru induction of your own collagen production stimulating restoration of your youthful looks. When this is coupled with our skin care line the effect is potentiated several fold. The results are seen right away and even better within 48 hours of treatment. We recommend a series of 6 -12 treatments depending on the severity of laxity and your ability to produce new collagen. The treatments can be done 2-3 days apart and the results continue to improve for the next 6 months. To get the best results we would recommend to do the series of 6 -12 treatments and then do 1 RF treatment by itself as a maintenance every 1-2 months, which takes only 30 mins to do.

Chemical Peels

Peels are treatments using specially formulated acids that allow removal of superficial dead layers of the skin, revealing the healthier, new and rejuvenated layers underneath. The procedure takes just under an hour and the results can be seen right away and continue improving as the days go by. You might notice slight tingling or burning of the treated areas similar to that seen with the sun burn, the deeper the treatment, the more burning, the longer the recovery period. Depending on the treatment you might go thru a period of visible peeling where your skin sloughs off. It is important to use the prescribed skin regiment at that time, sunscreen and to avoid pulling or removing the layers that have not sloughed off on their own yet to get the best results. Not everybody is a good candidate for this treatment and we prefer to perform the procedure during cooler months of the year when the sun is weakest, so please schedule the appointment for this procedure ahead of time. We would require a deposit to reserve your appointment. Please notify us at least 48 hours prior to the appointment if you have to reschedule, otherwise it will result in retention of your deposit.

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