Your health is personal, it is unique and it is essential to every aspect of your life. This is why personalized care is the cornerstone of good health…and of how we practice medicine. At Celebrity Medical Spa we are able to spend more time, devote more energy and be more involved and accessible than the typical primary-care physician. As a member of the Celebrity Medical Spa you can be rest assured that the doctor-patient relationship takes center stage, and together we work in the interests of your best health.


Our screenings are not typical Cancer Detection Screenings such as Mammogram, Colonoscopy, PAP smear or PSA. Although these are important they only address the lesions or problems that you already have but tell you nothing about if you are heading in that direction. At Celebrity Medical Spa we use preventative methods to evaluate the balance of the network of systems as a whole and each individual part. This allows us to devise an intervention that will prevent you from becoming another statistic. Sign up for the consultation to schedule your appointment and please do not put it off because with each day passing by you might be closer to the disease and further away from the point where we can help you.


What is the difference between Conventional Medical Services, Concierge Medical Services and Concierge Integrative Medical Services?


We all had experience with typical Conventional Medical Services where the waiting room is overcrowded, the doctor is overbooked, stressed out and has too many patients to see and too little time to spend with each one. The typical interaction would be to have the Doctor do most of the talking instead of listening to your concerns, addressing only the biggest concerns/disorders, order more diagnostic or consultative interventions and give you more pills without really explaining what they do to your body. All the while your health is dwindling down the inevitable spiral of pharmaceutically sponsored health care system.

The Concierge Medical Services are services based on more upscale version of Conventional Medical Practice where people would pay a retainer monthly or annual fee to be seen by their preferred physician, who would be able to offer them a more personalized approach but most of the times still using conventional medical approach sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

Concierge Integrative Medical Services are services that are similar to regular Concierge practice but using Integrative approach of looking for the root source of a particular problem and addressing both the source, the deficiencies caused by the source and the manifestations of the derangements. We use multiple modalities that are customized to each individual rather than using one cookie cut method.

Celebrity Medical Care Program

  •  No waiting time

  • Your physician is available to you 24/7

  • Annual medical exam (Prevention)

  • Medical Consultation

  • Emergency Care

  • Prescription Renewal

  • All-time access to physician's private telephone numbers / emails



  • Medical record transfer and review

  • Medical examination, evaluation & approval


At the time of enrollment, members are required to sign a contract. Payment will automatically be collected monthly or annually depending on the agreement.

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